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19 Nov

I warned you this was coming and it really has to happen. I’ve lost interest in the blog because since my co-writer basically just up and left this joint project became a solo project. Not only that but he also removed the feed from his Facebook page, limiting the reach and taking readership down a bit. And finally, the whole point of this thing was to be a joint project so once its scope became limited I stopped having interest in it as much. I’ve mostly finished my queue of posts now and will take down the blog starting November 30th 2010.

After that date the address will be here but all the posts except for this one will be backed up and deleted, just so you don’t feel like you should be expecting any new ones.

I’m very excited regarding the future projects I’m looking at (not just work) but I guess if we’re friends you’ll know anyway. If not, leave a comment and maybe I’ll tell you about them. 😉

UPDATE: it is done.